New Dawn Health

Osteopathy and Nutritional Therapy

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The combination of diet, exercise and manual treatment for every day aches and pains. More about the business: Dawn helps women over 50 get into better physical shape. Starting with the right beliefs and mindset we gradually improve your diet and exercise habits. I help you lose weight, build stronger muscles and bones, get more flexible, and reduce your pain…so you can enjoy feeling stronger, more robust and get more out of your life. By the time we get past 50, our bodies are telling us that they need more patience and understanding! Our aches and pains are becoming stubborn, and our energy is not what it once was. New Dawn Health is a nutrition and osteopathic clinic founded by me, Dawn with the philosophy that every new day is a new opportunity to start afresh - making healthier choices, creating better habits, and living a fuller, more energetic life. I am a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist, Registered Osteopath of 30 years, and trained in Functional Medicine Principles – focussing more on “why” you may have a problem, more than “what” the problem is – getting to root cause of your health concern. I help women get past worrying joint pain that restricts them physically and mentally. No matter what age you are, what level of fitness you have or how restricted you may be, there are always diet and lifestyle upgrades that will help. I run group programmes and work one-to-one. Contact me to chat through your concerns.